Monday, December 31, 2012

The End Of The World 2012

Hello people of this planet!

It is the end of the beginning, the start of a new beginning. It is time to remember who we are. Our potential is limitless in exploration of space & time, and multi-dimensional experience. We are One, spiritual soul of infinite consciousness having a human experience.

It is a tragic loss of our innocent future after the school shooting in Connecticut. Guns are made for shooting things. Video games, television, movies, and military, program an idea into children that guns are fun and cool. Law enforcement who "protect" us, often use weapons for control over innocent people through violence, manipulation, and false incrimination. We cannot fix a problem with the same level of consciousness that created it. The problem is that we have weapons on this planet. They are mostly used for a human to kill other humans. Many will be traumatised by our violent society until we stop encouraging inhumane ways of life.

We are the ashes of stars, and children of this planet. Killing our own specie and planet is one of the lowest frequencies we can experience; it is hurting ourself. I believe in a world without weapons; a planet of unity where we are one and equal, where nobody imposes their beliefs on others, we share what we have, taking no more than we need.
Fighting, riots, resentment, fear, and ignoring a problem is the same level of consciousness that created this madness. We hold the power within.

Jah Bless My Brothers and Sisters!
One Love

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